Collection: Mallorca Distillery

Island  flavours  

Mallorca Distillery is situated in the Heart of Mallorca's Capital City and is the first small craft distillery in Palma. The Distillery has a commitment to the island and its environment, working with local farmers and using local ethically sourced ingredients throughout the year. This allow the Natural flavours of the island to be represented in each bottle.

Palma Gin is an artisan gin that has been delicately hand-crafted to capture the essence and spirit of Mallorca. The quality of this gin is evident and is a testament to the character of the botanicals used and the attention paid to the distilling process; allowing for an incredibly flavour some and refreshing gin, with aromas that are rich and vibrant to both taste and smell. Made using only the finest quality ingredients, each botanical has either been hand foraged from the island or is certified organic, giving the spirit its beautifully smooth finish.