Collection: Tequila 38

Tequila  variations   


Juan Rodriguez Suarez crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the 16th century, following in the wake of his many compatriots from Extremadura. In order to discover and explore new lands, he did not overlook the drink that the Aztec civilizations produced for their delight. Cocoa, vanilla, honey and pulque were the ingredients they used for their creation. 

The centuries passed and in 1943 Destileras Espronceda founder Domingo Rodriguez Suarez was already familiar with that liquor. Following their advice experience and collecting all the manuscripts that dictated their formulation, we have created a unique product using all the ingredients that were once products of worship and offering to the gods. 

Seasoned with pure Mexican tequila, and adding a smooth dairy base to their perfect combination Destileras Espronceda has created TEQUILA BLACK 38 Spiritual Liqueur Cream