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Tequila 38 Strawberry - 70cl Bottles - 17% abv

Tequila 38 Strawberry - 70cl Bottles - 17% abv

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Tequila 38 embodies a rich tapestry of history and tradition, seamlessly woven with a contemporary twist that seeks to forge a profound connection between consumers and significant moments in time. Every flavour crafted is an odyssey, a journey meant to transport enthusiasts to a specific place or event.

In the spirit of honouring their heritage, the creators of Tequila 38 envisioned a local expression, a testament to their commitment to utilizing the extraordinary resources surrounding the distillery. Enter Huelva, where over 90% of Europe's strawberries flourish, boasting a deep red hue and an unparalleled flavour profile.

True to the essence of Destillerias Espronceda, the skilled team embarked on a quest to craft the ultimate strawberry liquor. After numerous trials, they achieved a sublime balance—sweet, yet not overly so. This tequila is a versatile companion, equally suited for sipping on the rocks or elevating cocktails.

Tequila 38 Strawberry maintains its roots with Reposado tequila from the Jalisco lowlands. Harnessing the earthy notes inherent in the tequila, Huelva strawberries infuse the spirit with vibrant berry flavors, tempering the strawberry tannins. The addition of Spanish cream introduces a velvety mouthfeel and sweetness, setting this expression apart as a pinnacle among strawberry creams.

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