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Tequila 38 Blanco - 70cl Bottles - 38% abv

Tequila 38 Blanco - 70cl Bottles - 38% abv

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Tequila 38 starts it’s life in the Jalisco valleys at cooperative Magdalena where Agave pina’s are hand chopped and cooked in modern auto clave ovens and machine shredded to extract the agave nectar.  The Agave and sugars are fermented before being double distilled and brought to bottling strength of 38%.


From here the Tequila is sent to Destillerias Espronceda in Spain to be bottled and distributed the world over.  


Blanco Tequila 38 is a young tequila that still show’s predominantly Agave notes and flavours which is perfect for cocktails and traditional party shots.

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