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Bareksten Botanical Gin - 50cl - 46% abv

Bareksten Botanical Gin - 50cl - 46% abv

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Bareksten Botanical Gin

Made with 26 botanicals in a single distillation, Bareksten represents the essence of Norway, in both taste and character – dark, wild, breathtaking and dramatic.

Gin distilled in small batches which gives a very potent product with
a sublime, fruity expression.

Bareksten Gin has a traditional base line but you will find hints of
wild blueberries, lingonberries, rhubarb, elderflower, mint, Juniper and an
additional 20 different ingredients.


Tasting notes

Nose: Pure aromas, floral and fruity with a subtle hint of juniper and citrus.

Taste: Fresh and clear taste of juniper, fruits and spices.

Body: Soft, pleasant and seductive, quite unique.

Makes a classic like Dry Martini perfect.

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