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Ms. Better's Bitters Ruby Fassionola Syrup

Ms. Better's Bitters Ruby Fassionola Syrup

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Ruby Fassionola is a vibrant, syrup used primarily in tiki cocktails. It's known for its rich, fruity flavour, Passionfruit, raspberry, mango, grapefruit, strawberry, pomegranate, and hibiscus all come to play! It pairs great with rum. Fassionola is a true fruity flavour bomb! 

This syrup is a key ingredient in classic tiki drinks, most notably the Hurricane Cocktail. Its bold, red colour and sweet taste make it a popular choice for adding depth and complexity to a variety of cocktails. The resurgence of tiki culture has brought Ruby Fassionola back into the spotlight as bartenders and mixologists seek authentic ingredients for their creations

Cane sugar, water, passionfruit concentrate, raspberry juice concentrate, mango pulp, ruby grapefruit juice, strawberries, pomegranate juice concentrate, hibiscus, natural flavours, citric acid E330, sodium citrate E331, potassium sorbate E202, vitamin C E300.

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